The Otira Stagecoach Hotel began life as Terminus Hotel. It was built in 1902 with local native Rimu.

It was known as one of the best hotels on the West Coast and was built to serve the pioneering community at the end of the railway line. It was the focal point for local industry and travellers across the Alpine pass. The Hotel was the last Cobb & Co Stagecoach post for New Zealand.

In 2015, restoration work on the hotel began. It is being renovated by it’s proprietor as a monument to the past. We offer a unique experience as a working hotel with accommodation, restaurant and cafe. We have many museum quality items including Stagecoaches, vintage cars and much more from the hotel’s past.

Meet our resident team of Clydesdale horses, the resident goat and Scotty the talking parrot. We guarantee a lasting NZ experience.